Consultants for Business Improvement

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Providing advice, help and assistance to your business is our business. Do you want to join our history of successes spanning over a decade? Contact us now.

If you are a new visitor to this site – welcome!

We do not yet know your name, but we do know something of who you are, and your aspirations and goals.

You are seeking to improve your business and get better results. You understand the limitations of your current situation, the information technology and financial systems you use and, crucially, the pressures on your own time. We know that you will not be satisfied by continuing to do what you have been doing, and are seeking ways to improve the skills and effectiveness of your whole organisation.

Starting, growing and maintaining business performance at its peak are tough jobs. For the top people in organisations of all type and sizes it seems tougher than ever these days.

That’s why People First Solutions has gathered together a set of methods and applications to help you towards your vision.

Why are we called People First Solutions?

Because it is not the technology, nor the techniques, that bring results. It is the people who use them and carry them through. That’s why we have selected the most important items for you.

Finding and keeping great customers

All businesses need customers – but not all customers are the same. Some are great, a lot are reasonable – and some are just a pain. The customer isĀ  not always right – at least not always right for you!

So how do you find and keep those great customers? How do you turn more average customers into great ones? and how do you lose those who should be with another company?

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Find out what people really think by using the power of the Internet. “Anyone can run a survey”, or so you might think. But it takes an expert to ask the right questions in the right way so you get real information not just data you cannot use to further your business objectives.

Getting the best from your Internet marketing

You have a website, but is it working for you? Does it bring in enquiries, not tyre kickers, real potential customer enquiries? If it’s not doing what you hoped then let’s have a chat and see if our fifteen years of Internet experience can help you. Let’s draw up plans for improvement and make them happen!