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Hi, my name is Tony Lord and I’m a chartered engineer with long experience in industry.

I started as an apprentice in electronic engineering and have enjoyed great times working on ground-breaking projects. In midcareer I rose through the management ranks, saw the growth of software as a key business tool, learned a lot about project management and founded my own independent business consultancy.

Now I can bring that wealth of experience to help other companies and individuals develop themselves and their businesses.

I do this in two ways through my two companies BBL and PFS. This piece is about how I seek to help others grow their businesses through People First Solutions Ltd by developing an active and carefully managed use of LinkedIn.

I have seen many managing directors of small and medium businesses struggle with sales and marketing. They have limited capacity and time to spend on this important area, they suffer from feast and famine, they have keen drives to make their businesses succeed but find generating sales a real challenge.

I built my second business, BBL, using LinkedIn as the prime method of gaining clients. From this experience, coupled with a deep study of the way LinkedIn works in practice, I am able to point the way to a clear LinkedIn client development path. Put that together with a plan to execute the necessary tasks needed to progress along the path and you have a method to bring controllable sales to my clients.

This plan has five distinct steps.
1.    Build your strong LinkedIn profile as a powerful “sales attracter”.
2.    Use the powerful tools that LinkedIn provide to grow your connections strategically.
3.    From your connections, identify leads to develop into top prospects in a friendly and relaxed way.
4.    Filter these prospects into immediate sales opportunities and future clients and nurture them.
5.    Rinse and repeat.

There is one important point that I have seen whilst trying to build a business using this process and which guides the application of the method.

If it is too demanding, difficult or dull it doesn’t get done.

So the plan is built in small actions, simply applied and, through the resulting relationship development, great fun.

You do get to meet interesting people this way. People who become both clients and friends.

Dear reader, maybe you are one of them?

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