Great customers for your business!

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How do you find and keep great customers?

You do it by giving your current customers a great experience and useing what you learn from each of them to improve your service all round. The actual way you apply this simple message in your business depends upon the exact type and location of your customers more than on the type of business you run.

Let’s take a recent experience of mine. I had a one off need for an slightly unusual piece of work needing to be done to my home. I could tell the sort of technical skills that were needed so drew up a list of companies who offered that in my area. I called the first. The response was effectively…

“If we are not treating at least two thirds of your property than we will not provide a quote.”

That may be true, but there are better ways of putting it.

I called a second. The receptionist reconised that this was not a straightforward enquiry and put me through to a Director. He determined that they had the capability to do the work and that the scale of it was relatively small. he made the offer that, if we could accommodate his timescale, i.e. when he had someone on the area, then he could do it – and at a modest cost too. Arrangements were made. The operative turned up within minutes of the advertised time in good humour. The job was completed in an hour and a half and he produced some forms for signature, all of which were based around ensuring that the whole job had been completed and to my satisfaction.

This was a Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning I had a call from the same director to ensure all was well. All that for a relatively small job.

So, if you live in Surrey or Sussex and need cavity wall or loft insulation then contact Downs Energy.

If your customers are telling stories like that about your business then you are well on the right track. If not, then call us to find out how you can join the successful and profitable companies who know how to treat customers so they do more business at less cost.