On-line and off-line surveys

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Survey systems – providing advice, help and assistance to your business is our business.

Why carry out a survey ?

The purpose of a survey is to gain knowledge. Knowledge is the light that illuminates the road ahead – the more clearly you can see that road, the more certain, faster and safer your business journey will be. Whether it is customers, suppliers, employees of general ‘market research’ a well crafted survey turns your beliefs into facts supported by evidence.

Opinion surveys provide evidence of people’s perceptions. And it is these perceptions that will drive their actions later.

There is only one way to find out what people are thinking – ask them!

How to carry out the survey?

Mail is slow, expensive, labour intensive and error prone because all the data has to be scanned or keyed manually. It is difficult to follow up on incomplete or illegible responses.

Telephone gives quick results. Contact with the respondent gives the opportunity to follow up points but it can be difficult to consolidate results. Not all people have telephones or are in when called.

Personal visits enable the interviewer to build a relationship with the respondent and to follow up points but the process is slow and expensive.

On-line gives you instant results. Conditional logic can be built into the questionnaire to make it more efficient for the respondent. Costs are low. Non-replies can be followed up automatically. The system ensures that data entry is complete. Virtually all businesses have e-mail addresses.

Most consumers have e-mail addresses or public access to the Internet. Companies, however, have been very slow to recognise the value of holding e-mail addresses for their customers. Remember to obtain and record your customers’ permission to contact them by e-mail.

With SurveySwift you can carry out surveys via email (if you have been recording the relevant email addresses) or from your web site. Responses are analysed as they come into our powerful data centre. Results can be viewed immediately in convenient web delivered summary form. For complex analysis we provide data download for the most popular statistical analysis packages.

Call us today for a no-obligation demonstration and see how quickly you can get real survey results!