Project Management

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The phrase “Project Management” covers a huge range of project related activities – and sizes of projects.

People First Solutions specialises in a small range of specific project management areas. All our projects are…

  • Information Technology related
  • Short to medium term (three months to around a year in duration)
  • With medium sized companies (20 employees and up), many are Housing Associations or ALMOs

Example projects include…

  1. A company finds that its IT systems are not meeting its current and foreseen needs and seeks to change. We help by…
    • Carrying out an overview to find out if a change is the right course, or whether there are significant aspects of the current system that are not being deployed.
    • If so, then we can advise or manage improvements through commissioning additional modules, changing operational practices and user training.
    • If the system needs replacement then we can run a selection and implementation process.
  2. A department finds that the company’s system fall short of their operational needs We can help by…
    • Identifying applicable supplementary modules of the current system and planning and managing their implementation
    • Identifying third party ‘add ons’ to achieve the same end
    • Designing low impact bespoke software development to interface with the existing system.

Why have others used our services?

  • We always seek the most effective solution for your circumstances and time horizon.
  • Our projects are split into short sections, a few months at most, so that improvements can be delivered quickly
  • Systems are useless without intelligent, resourceful and well trained users. They form a key component in effective delivery, one that will last long after we have gone.
  • We look for the risks to your project’s success and provide means to minimise or mitigate them through careful planning and project management.
  • Testing, Training and Documentation. In our reviews of projects it is these three areas that pose the greatest threat to an IT project’s success. All involve your people as users and as technical reviewers – they have a key role to play in building a successful result
  • Our name says it all – place the People First and you will get the Solution you seek.

If you recognise some of your symptoms in the above then contact us via the ‘Contacts’ page or call us today.