Reporting on rent recovery for Housing Associations and ALMOs

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It is a fact of life that all Housing Association and ALMOs suffer losses in their rent accounts. Not all tenants honour their obligations to pay – and to pay promptly. Your rent recovery team is tasked with managing the arrears so as to minimise losses and to help tenants in genuine hardship find the support they need. At the same time they have to get tough with those who are ‘playing the system’.

There are two different problems facing the manager of the recovery team.

  1. The detailed reporting they see about their performance from the housing management system does not seem to tie in with the overall figures prepared by the accounts team and seen by the Executive Board.
  2. The level of analysis does not allow them to clearly identify those recovery officers who are consistently doing well so that their good practice can be spread around the rest of the team.

The problem is that there are so many reasons (excuses?) why an individual’s performance can vary. Unforeseen/ unplanned terminations, transfer of cases to and from the Court procedure, illness of the staff member, bank holidays, “my patch is different” and so on. I’m sure you will recognise these – and many more. Many managers, like you, in a position like this search through reports, bash the calculator and build spreadsheets to undertake supplementary analysis taking hours each month to engage in the fight for these twin battles.

What you really need is a tool to help you see two things clearly each week.

  1. Is my team improving over the weeks? That’s the ammunition I need to help management see how I and my team are doing.
  2. How does each individual in my team compare? I can use this to learn from the over-performers and to coach the under-performers.

If you are an OHMS Housing Management system user then this tool has been developed and is available for you to use in short order.

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